I don’t want to be accepted.


Good morning!
So often I find we have to remind ourselves that what makes us most beautiful is that we are unique. You’re beautiful for being you, and that is more than enough. Also, I find myself running away from any opportunity to be “accepted”. I hate when someone has power over my emotions and life, hell if I wanna do anything I’ll do it myself ;) Right.. onto the pictures, I chose a add some neon colour into my outfits. Neons? For spring? Groundbreaking! ;) I’ve got an english exam (they like to call it a final test) tomorrow, but honestly I’m not that worried. Usually exams are so much easier than I expect them to be! I so jinxed it.. haha 
Bye bye!

для перевода на русский язык, нажмите кнопку справа :)


Shirt: Religion / Pants: Wilfred / Shoes: H&M / Sunglasses: Aerie / Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs