Cheetah romper.

Get it? Rawr-omper? No? Okay :(
Looks can be deceiving, it was actually pretty cold this day, well it was +20 and to me that’s pretty cold! I wore my new ZARA studded sandals, H&M romper, Free People blouse, ZARA purse and Rayban sunglasses!
Happy June lovelies!
  My new dogeared amethyst necklace! Amethyst is my favourite word so I kind of had to buy this. It’s my “i love you” present to myself on my birthday. I honestly want to buy myself a diamond ring just to furthur my relationship with myself. You can check out the necklace here:
 Vegan soft serve! Crazy right? It tasted exactly like real ice cream, except of course there was no milk in this whatsoever. I’ve been seriously avoiding milk recently because I sometimes push aside the fact that I’m lactose deficient and can’t digest milk products, but then end up in pain and bloating.