Hola ;) 
The flight over here was surprisingly alright (with airline Rossiya), although I’m pretty loyal to Air Canada and stand by my belief that it’s the best airline ever =) I just love feeling safe on a flight no matter what. I read in a magazine that flying in an airplane is like flirting with death- very true. Especially when you’re flirting with death 4 times in 3 weeks, it can be quite the risk haha. Oh, not to mention my flight number was 911, uh, a little too soon don’t you think?! LOL
Anyways, Tossa De Mar, the little city we’re staying in is beautiful, we’ll go to Barcelona soon to check it out, but as for now we’re surrounded with a quiet, historical city and the beach. 
Here’s some pictures of this afternoon, I’m off to dinner at the hotel now (hope it’s good… bad food = bad sonya)!