Hi, I’m Sonya Esman and I’m obsessed with silk.
I found these shorts the other day, and it was like love at first sight. They were the last pair left not only in the store, but in the country… I made them call to check (The last pair left was a medium, so I wanted to see if there were smaller sizes available cause these are a little baggy). When I put them on the size issues could definitely be worked around because they were stunning. The brand Clover Canyon was created relatively recently in California, and the whole line consists of youthful patterns on basic materials. I did some research about the brand after I bought these shorts, and it’s safe to say they are definitely a designer worth keeping your eye out for, because they’re going to be huge soon! These exact shorts are for sale at Saks right now if you want to check them out, but their whole collection can be found on their website
What do you think? 

Love the blazer!