Am I right? Isn’t this nail polish stunning? 
It’s from one of the newer OPI collections, namely Spiderman (Oh ya, I’m soo cool for wearing spiderman nail polish). The colour is called Just Spotted the Lizard (yup, just got even cooler).
It’s a dead on dupe for the Chanel peridot, so if you’re not crazy about spending something like $30 on a nail polish, I would totally recommend this one! I got a mini sized bottle at a beauty supply store for around $3! Honestly, I will never buy full sized nail polish again after discovering mini sized bottles at discount beauty supply stores! 

If you live in Toronto, I would recommend this shop called TBBS around the eaton center, it’s my absolute favorite!
Anyways, today I went downtown and bought a few things that I can’t wait to show you guys!
See you soon!