Happy monday lovelies!
As promised, I’m going to share some of the things I got yesterday, and I’ll show you guys the rest later.
The top is from an amazing Canadian designer named Wilfred, which is sold in Aritzia stores (that are now located in New York City too)! Wilfred is definitely one of my favorite designers because of the feminine design, quality and neat sewing, and of course, my absolute favorite thing is that they use silk in their designs all the time. Like real, 100% silk! None of that rayon or satin crap (Forever 21 anyone?)
Aritzia is having a sale right now on pretty much everything in store, so I would definitely suggest going by if you’re in Canada. The shirt used to be $60, but I got it for $48- which is not too shabby considering how flawless it is!

Also, I went by H&M to check out what new stuff they had, and when I found these jeans… I died. My heart froze. They were actually being sold. I was actually looking at them. And they had my size.. what is this magical sequence of fortunate events?
I found these jeans on Andy’s or stylescrapbook‘s blog and I assumed that these were given to super cool bloggers only and then were going on sale for like a day in the fall. Au contraire! There is a whole new collection of gorgeous stuff from H&M, featuring all my favorites: Silk shorts, velvet tank tops, and of course, pearl and gem cuff jeans! Perfection!

Here’s the outfit I wore today, and let’s move past the fact that these shorts are 10,000 sizes too big for me. That’s just what happens when you really like shopping at vintage stores for shorts but they don’t feel the same way.

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for some other new purchases! Just a hint: it rhymes with milk but doesn’t make my stomach hurt for a week.