The empire state.

Hey everyone!
I’ve been so MIA lately, especially with YouTube, but I hope my post today makes up for it! If you didn’t know, New York is a state, a state in America. Canada and New York make up a border, right where Niagra Falls is. Sorry if I sound like Professor Obvious, but some people thought that New York was a state in Canada.. no haha.
I woke up on Sunday morning and my mom suggested that we go to Niagara Falls (which we kind of do every year so it’s quite annoying at this point), so I said we should grab our passports and cross the border to New York. Honestly, my only motivation was Target and the American Vitamin Water flavours. We didn’t get to go to Target, so hopefully some other time!
If I knew how to drive, I swear I’d head down to the States at least once a month (just for the vitamin water haha)
See you soon!

Rib shirt: Religion / Tweed shorts: Zara / Flats: Shoemint / Sunglasses: Ray-Ban