Hello gorgeous ;) 

So yesterday I found this bag.. and couldn’t help but take pictures with it. I mean it’s perfect, isn’t it? It’s definitely not something I would typically go for, because I think Alexander Wang bags are a little 2009, and his collection in general reminds me of “german sporty-chic” style haha. I somehow love this purse though; it’s smaller than the famous “rocco” bag, which I thought I didn’t like at first because I think “mini-versions” of bags look sad :(. However, I tried on the larger size too and it just did not look as good! 

What do you guys think? It’s not as expensive as many other designer bags, so of course that’s a plus. I think I would definitely get good wear out of it in the fall and winter. I practically wear my urban outfitters duffel tote to bed, so maybe it’s time for a new one? ;)

See you guys soon!