Hey guys!
A lack of posts = busy times.
I had two exams this past week, one for sociology and the other for math. I got my last math exam done with today, and since in Ontario you don’t need to take math in grade 12, I am officially done math forever! Yay! I practically never have to apply complex mathematic formulas ever, in my life again. It’s funny though, because the classes I enjoy most like psychology and sociology, I get mid 80’s in (which is below my usual), and then something like math and science comes along, which I have no interest in whatsoever, and I end up with a high 90. What is earth. haha
Now I’m taking a Grade 12 Business Management course, and then I’ll take Philosophy, English, and two other random classes and… I’m done!
In other news I’m filming a video tomorrow, and shooting some pictures so I’ll see you guys then!
xo ♥