Hey guys! I’ve been stalking chanel earrings for a while, and although I love the idea of vintage earrings- most of them are unfortunately clip-ons. I spontaneously dropped by the Chanel boutique in Yorkville today and was surprised to find that they have a huge collection of earrings! I got the smallest pair there: sterling-silver coated metal earrings with crystal double c’s. I know I’ll probably get a bunch of “are those real?” questions from people, but meh, whatever. It’s kind of sad that people even have to question authenticity these days. 

You can find them online here: Chanel Stud Earrings

I also changed my cartilage earring to this pearl stud I’ve had since I was 11, and honestly I’m not too crazy about it so I’ll probably change it back to the spiral earring. What do you think?
I’m really glad I bought them because if I take good care of them, they can be sold as “vintage” in a few decades. They’re dainty, and so sparkly that they look more white than silver :)