Hey guys!
This is the outfit I wore yesterday when I was called to go to an audition last minute. I wore the shorts I made pretty much from scratch, cause I was suppose to look “cool” for the part, and I thought they were pretty k3wL haha
Well, surprise surprise, I got a call today and my agent told me I got a part in the commercial! Since things happen fast in this industry, I’m going to shoot it tomorrow! Woohoo! Isn’t it funny, on Sunday I would have never imagined this to happen!
Let’s call this the lucky audition outfit then haha
Between this and studying for two exams, it’s pretty hectic. And they say homeschool kids don’t leave their house….funny.
Have a great day and don’t stop believing ;)

Blouse: Free People / Shorts: DIY Handmade / Sandals: Topshop / Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Wayfarers / Purse: Rebecca Minkoff 5 Zip