Hey guys! 
So… random post today, I know, but why not? I think it’s pretty interesting! I bought these two belly button rings online at and thought they were gorgeous in person! It’s so so so much cheaper to buy this stuff online, and I got free shipping (yay!).

I put the black onyx ring in today.. well actually I went to a professional piercer to get it changed because I have a phobia of inserting jewelry into my belly button.. weird I know.
This is what it looks like, in my stomach (gosh this sounds weird haha).
I actually love it because since it’s black, you can tell that I have my belly button pierced, whereas the typical gems sometimes become invisible!

Side story: My belly button took about 8 months to stop oozing, hurting, and being a pain in the ass. I will say though, it was so worth it. It makes me happy throughout the day to know I have it, and that’s all that matters! It’s so pretty and I’ve wanted it done since I was 13 :)

Dinner at Fresh today!
I have to be honest, I’ve never been impressed with their food. It comes in a quantity too small for a five year old, and is way overpriced. Most importantly, the flavours suck. It’s usually like 5 pieces of steamed broccoli mixed in with some grilled tofu (BASIC!) and that’s a $15  “meal” right there. I got the raw italian pasta and had to ask them to re-do it because they put waaaaay too much pesto.. it was like drowning in oil. Mind you, I’m never picky with food and even if I’m not over the moon with something, I won’t ask them to fix it.. but with this, it was torture to eat. I swear it’s the last time I return. BOO FRESH! Gimme ma money back. Kidding, lol.

Tomorrow I think I’m going to the lake with my mom, so I plan on taking some outfit pictures for you guys! I want to wear my maxi skirt that I got today at Brandy Melville, which finally opened in Toronto!
See you soon! xo