Cardigan: ROMWE / Black jeans: Necessary Clothing / Combat boots: Shoemint / Scarf: Aldo Accessories / Sunglasses: Ray-Bans / Purse: Rebecca Minkoff 5 zip / Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs
The majority of my outfit posts seem to be outcomes of a scenario where I throw on whatever clothing is closest to me on, and then realize “hey this doesn’t look so bad!” But that’s still better than putting on an outfit just for pictures, right? It’s not as realistic and relatable! So you’re welcome ;) haha
Tomorrow morning I have driving school, and then I’m supposedly taking a practice ride with my mom. I haven’t driven in over a year, and when I did drive for the first time, my breaking skills weren’t that great..
Speaking of my mom, today was her birthday! So happy birthday, mom! If you’re reading this, which you’re not haha
Now I have to go study for my business management exam :\ Have a fantastic day! Make the most of the changing weather, drink tea and coffee and more tea and coffee ;)