Boots: Acne “Pistol” / Sweater: Acne  / Jeans: Acne / Mesh bra: Weekday 
Gooood morning! 
I just woke up and made myself a smoothie and pancakes (my latest routine breakfast). Everyone I know that has went off to college this week appears to be complaining of being homesick and missing their parents. I think humans are so free by nature, that we’re afraid of it. Everyone else goes back to school in 2 days, and I’m almost done homeschooling! Crazy to think of it! I used to be crying & whining about how bad I wanted to finish school early, but now I’m realizing: what on earth am I going to do with myself? I think I’m going to have an early quarter-life crisis :)
Now, speaking of school, I have to do some assignments before I go on with wherever I’m going today.
Have a beautiful day!