Hello there! 
I absolutely love waking up to the rain, hitting snooze and not even bothering to worry about “wasting time” or “but I need to be somewhere”. Ah, the homeschool life. So I worked on these pictures for a few hours for you guys! I naturally gravitate towards things that look unusual: shredding, weird fabrics, and studs on just about anything is my jam. Every part of this outfit is in some way unusual, although it looks very simple from far away. I still can’t get over the fact that I bought these Seven For all Mankind jeans for $5 (thanks Anat!)… I should have probably worn them on another day though, my legs were burning in the heat haha

Open back Top: Brandy Melville / Gray Printed Jeans: 7 For all Mankind / Purse: Rebecca Minkoff 5 zip / Sunglasses: Ray-ban Wayfarers / Studded Sandals: ZARA
I wore my Brandy Melville Chiyo Top so that the cool design in the back could be seen! To be honest I only bought this shirt to go with the bra… smart shopping I know haha

Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs / Eye bracelet: Romwe / Hamsa bracelet: Brandy Melville
My friend Julia and I went to Joey Don Mills, a really nice restaurant in Toronto, and of course, considering the salads were over $16… we got the side salads hahaha 
It was delicious though .. while it lasted … for 2 minutes LOL