What was your favorite place in New York?
I think just walking around SoHo was the best, and obviously, here comes a super touristic answer: times square at night. We went into the drug store on Times Square at night, looked outside…and I swear it was as bright outside as it was in the day. It’s insane! (I miss NYC incredibly, btw)

Have you solved your troubles with math/school?
(If you didn’t see, I had a whole video bitching & moaning about how I don’t want to have to take math). In short… I finished the course in a month, and ended up with a 96%. Don’t ask how… I don’t know lol. I’m not bad at math, or science, I just hate knowing that I have to do it. I think I just hate knowing I have to do anything. Now I never have to take math again in my life!!

Do you wear makeup a lot?

Sonya in the 7th grade (12 years old… ya I know…)

Not. at. all. Which is ironic because some people consider me a “beauty blogger” (which I think I’m very far from). I was “religiously” against makeup in the 7th grade, and all throughout high school I’ve worn too much of it for my comfort. I hated being dependent on it, and finally, I’m comfortable with being en la nude. I think it has to do with your skin though! If your skin looks good, then there’s less to cover up!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Funny, I was just thinking about how much has changed since I was in the 9th grade, 3 years ago. If I took my life when I was 7 years old (10 years ago), I could have never ever ever imagined living like this. So I’m not even going to answer this question, because I think it’s pathetic to plan your life out. Less talk, more do. We’ll see :)

Meeting a subscriber in Russia accidentally! 

Why did you not have a meetup in Russia this summer?
I talked about it, talked about it, and then it didn’t happen and I never mentioned it again, classic right? I’m really sorry if I let anyone down. Here’s my explanation: I planned to do this with another business as the host, because I couldn’t possibly host 200 people alone. However, all the businesses I approached were confused and didn’t understand why I was doing it. The more I thought about it, the more I realized it would give me anxiety and panic to have to meet 200 people in an unorganized fashion. I hope you can understand that if you were in my position, meeting so many people alone can be scary.

Thanks for asking questions guys! ;)
See you soon.