Hey there!
It seems like the probability for warmer weather is declining, and the leaves are slowly turning yellow. Finally. Fall is the beast season ever. Everything comes together in fall, and it’s always the most memorable season. So hallelujah, and bring on the pumpkin spice lattees from starbucks!
Funny though, that the outfit above is fit for 26 degrees… haha, I swear that was the end of it!

Now I’m registering myself for driving school, and heading to my actual school to take another course. I think I have something like 3-4 courses left until graduation, which essentially I could finish in 2 months but you know… why would I if procrastinating is so fun? ;)
See you guys soon! 
p.s. I hate the rain because it prohibits biking :'(
       Lace skirt: Romwe / Striped tank: Brandy Melville / Sunglasses: Ray-ban wayfarer