Ah, Dr.Martens on Sonya Esman. 
Who would have known the day would come? I used to think they were chunky, and in many ways grotesque. I have seen the light though, not to worry ;) They always look so amazing paired with the right outfit, so I absolutly had to grab a pair while they were on sale on plndr! I have a serious love for that site, because I also got this style stalker cardigan for free with the purchase of the discounted dr.martens. I would have paid over $300 for the two pieces without a discount, but my purchase came to a little over $100. Major score!
See you tomorrow ♥

Cardigan: Style Stalker / Skull shirt: Religion / Red Jeans: Topshop / Boots: Grey Dr. Martens / Purse: ZARA / Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs