Hey hey!
So oxblood.. big trend right? Right. Well, here I present you bleached oxblood. Or you could be normal and call it red. But we’re not about that here at classisinternal ;)
I recently got this “red” top- which by the way, I know it sounds silly but all of my plain shirts are from Wilfred because the quality is so amazing that I don’t treat them as “plain shirts”. Oh no, no, no.
I paired it with my favorite jean shorts, which happen to be the result of a successful DIY project, and my holy combat boots.
Note: I’ve never liked shorts with tights, but.. I don’t think it actually looks that bad. The trick is to pair shorts with tights incredibly sheer, so it’s not screaming “It’s-2006-and-you-wear-your-skirts-with-leggings”.
See you tomorrow!
Red Top: Wilfred / Denim Shorts: DIY / Combat Boots: Shoemint / Tights: DKNY