October is my favorite month of the year.
 I think it’s because it’s always the most memorable one- in a good way. Four years ago I had the craziest October of my life, and every single one after that has been filled with fun nights, and bad (more like weird) decisions that made damn good stories. 
The goal of every October, as usual is to go to every social outing possible. That’s more of a challenge actually, for a hermit like yours truly. Second, I want to upload videos like crazy :) Third, I want to know how to drive and park fluently. Last, finish philosophy. 
There are a billion pictures and videos to come your way soon, so get ready :)
By the way, thank you Julia for your photography today, you honestly take the best pictures. Happy birthday and but’ zdrarovey kracavitca ;) ♥ Love you forever.
Dress: Brandy Melville / Thigh-high socks: Forever 21
Should I get this dress? It’s a new arrival at Nasty Gal and is 30% off right now! You likey?