Today I had my first professional test shoot with a photographer. Not only that though, I also had to get up super early in the morning to rush to my driving school, leave that an hour early, and run downtown for the shoot haha. I only got 4 hours of sleep, and am d-r-a-i-n-e-d to say the least. Nonetheless, I feel like this is a moment worth documenting. It’s always interesting talking to people in the industry because their conversations alone are such an inspiration. It’s funny though, how whenever I talk to people in the modelling industry they always ask me if I’m going to a casting for ___ fashion week, or if I’ve traveled anywhere lately, and all I can say is .. *cricket cricket* (nothing). It sucks because there’s not much I can do about it. 
When I get the pictures from the shoot I’ll definitely show you guys! 
Side note: modelling is difficult. I never assumed it was easy, but it’s even harder than I imagined. It’s the kind of challenge that gets more native to you as you get more experienced, though.  I have to say, it’s an unbelievably fun job and I adore everyone that works in the industry because I feel like I relate to them so easily.
Goodnight! (that was a joke.. I have to write an essay so it will not be a good night unfortunately haha)