Where do you wear a star printed knit sweater? To the moon obviously. 
Turns out my 14 year old dreams of being an astronaut and staring at nebulas all day is probably not in my best interests- but we can pretend it is! I paired the sweater with some simple black jeans and nude booties for shopping at IKEA for a new couch, because my old one was… cute, sure, but it was much cuter 7 years ago and when my parrot didn’t leave bite marks. Alas, maybe now I won’t be embarrassed by my house and I can spend time somewhere other than my self-decorated bedroom! Life changing it shall be! 
I’ll see you guys soon ♥
Star sweater: Romwe / Black jeans: Asos / Nude rumble boots: Jeffrey Campbell / Purse: Celine luggage / Black shearling jacket: Romwe