The first snow.

Why hello there.
Today has been a very, very productive day. It all started with a video I watched this morning that was talking about procrastination. Here’s the philosophy: the only thing that’s going to stop the stress and make you happy is getting the project/stressor over with. So work now, and then enjoy yourself later. Simple, simple. With that in mind I finished an entire unit of school work in a couple hours. They take 2 months with a unit in public school… this is why I left to get home schooled.
It also snowed today. Super exciting, yes. I felt like a little kid seeing snow for the first time. It was as magical as I’m making it sound haha.
Tomorrow morning I have a driving lesson (strictly parking focused), and then school school school school. I need to finish 4 courses in 2 months. How will I do it? By telling myself: school school school school school.
Okay, I’m done boring you to death haha. I’ll post a new outfit with this amazing sweater I got in the mail today.