Just like last year, I wanted to construct a vague “wish list” of things I want to buy myself, or accomplish in the upcoming year! I did actually manage to get most of the things I wanted last year, but mind you.. I bought them all myself :) I think the last time someone actually gifted me something was when I was 13 haha

Hermès Bangle: Just so beautiful and simplistic- ideal for bracelet stacking (I refuse to call it arm candy).

Cameo “He Said What?” Skirt: I fell in love with this as soon as I saw it, and I think I’m just waiting for it to go on sale.

Cartier Love BraceletArguably the best materialistic gift to receive from somebody.

Yves Saint Laurent Wallet: Absolutely love the front design of this wallet. Now if only I could find it somewhere!

Alexander Wang Boots: Just any boots by Alexander Wang = Yes please. I’m dying for a pair of lace-up heeled booties, but can’t seem to find the perfect pair!

Zara Strap Heels: These babies are sold out. But… they’re so so beautiful. Too beautiful.

Travel: This year I turn 18, which means I can travel freely and book hotels on my own! I just really hope to visit the one place I’ve been wanting to go to ever since I can remember: california … and not book a return ticket… ;)

Graduation/Prom: I finished school this December,  but I still feel like I’m in High School by association. I haven’t had a graduation ceremony yet, and I still have to go to prom. So of course, that definitely will define my year :) … this sounds like foreshadowing haha