I haven’t written a long, wordy blog post in a while so I thought I may as well do it now, considering a lot has changed lately. I finished high school (I was a home-schooled) just last week, and now I never have to write an exam, test, quiz, or study and do homework ever again. However, the ironic part of this graduation is: now I want to dedicate myself to learning. Not sit-in-a-classroom-and-wait-until-three-oclock learning, but life-experience, useful information, and successful business creation learning. The kind of learning that, you know, actually makes you happy and inspires you to wake up every morning :)

It’s been nice, to come home after a long day, and not have to do homework or study. It’s the kind of freedom I’ve dreamt about for years upon years.

A lot of people ask me about university, college, and jobs that I want to pursue.. and let me just say, I’m not the type to talk about my plans. If I’m going to do something, you’ll most likely see me do it- not hear me talk about doing it. Whatever I plan to do, I know it will be scary, difficult, but above all  rewarding :)

For now, before I can legally pursue anything (I’m still under 18 haha), I’m just trying to find new things to do and learn every day. I’ll call this my “gap year”, except it’s really a gap life ;) 
See you soon!