Yesterday was quite a strange day, to say the least. 
It started at 4 in the morning, when my fire alarm went off. Now, I don’t usually react to my fire alarm because it goes off every week for unknown reasons. This time though, a fireman knocked on my door and was telling everyone to get out. Turns out there was a dangerous quantity of carbon monoxide in my house, which you wouldn’t be able to see or smell because CO is a color-less, odorless deadly gas. Pretty interesting way to start the day! Later I went into town with my friend Julia and we shopped around, and I finally found the hat of my dreams which I had to immediately change into!
Of course I fell asleep at 19:00, which irked me, but considering that my day had already been 15 hours long- it was all the justification I needed.
See you soon! 

Coat: ZARA (similar) / Camo shirt: vintage / Jeans: Hudson Jeans / Black boots: Seychelles / Hat: H&M (similar) / Purse: Celine Luggage