Beverly Hills: 90210.

Silk camisole: Wilfred / Skirt: Wilfred / Cardigan: Romwe / Sunglasses: Prada / Purse: Celine Luggage
Another beautiful day in Los Angeles: complete!
We started the morning at Urth Caffe, which I knew would be amazing but wasn’t sure if it was worth the hype. Let me assure you, it is definitely worth the hype. I don’t think I’ve ever had a better breakfast, and that says a lot coming from a breakfast connoisseur like myself (get a granola bowl or the banana nut oatmeal and a boba).
We then went on a walk down Rodeo drive and ended up at Sprinkles, which I certainly didn’t mind. The european architecture and overall feel of Rodeo drive was beautiful, and we did indeed see a million-dollar car as rightfully expected.
We drove back to Santa Monica and shopped around at Buffalo Exchange, and then had dinner at Whole Foods (again…)
I chose a monochromatic combination of a silk cami and skirt to purposefully match the elegance of Beverly Hills, and matched it with a sea foam green cardigan for contrast and warmth.