City of angels.

Flannel shirt: Romwe / Denim shorts: DIY (similar)/ Hat: Forever 21 / White sneakers: Converse / Purse: Celine luggage

As the weather was warming up in Los Angeles, we decided to spend the day hiking up Runyon Canyon and the Hollywood Observatory.
Runyon was an absolute dream. I can’t explain to you how peaceful it was, despite the hundreds of people around you. If I had to call anywhere in the world my “happy place”- that would be it.  I also got a parking ticket for “blocking the driveway”, which to be honest, I was kind of excited about because I felt like an adult haha.
Of course we ended up back at Whole Foods for dinner (making that the fifth time in four days), and crashed at like 8:00pm.
P.S. I thought it was interesting that someone commented that my Celine purse looked too “posh” for an outfit consisting of flannel and denim.  The way I look at it is: fashion isn’t meant to be taken so seriously :) It’s just a purse, and if it makes me happy… you sure bet I’ll wear it!