Desert dreams.

Silk Blouse: Sandro / Trench coat: / Jeans: J Brand / Boots: Seychelles / Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Aviators / Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs / Ring: Vidakush / Necklace: LeiVanKash
Did you know that it is my wildest dream to live in the Sahara Desert?
I have this feeling from deep within that I am meant to live in a climate of dry heat, so I don’t get numb fingers and toes everyday from frost.
But hey, it’s officially spring now! I bought brand new outdoor furniture today, and the weather is looking good from now on, so no complaining from me!
I used to wonder: why do people wear trench coats? The material won’t keep you warm, and if it’s warm enough to wear a trench coat I would rather just wear a blouse or sweater! Well, my friends, I can report back to you from first hand experience that yes indeed, a trench coat is the last thing that will keep you warm. But it looks damn cool.
This week was incredibly fun, and I had the opportunity to walk in my first runway show ever. Once I get the video and pictures from the show, I will definetly make a post about the collection!
Next week I am also working a few events, and hopefully I’ll be shooting for my portfolio more!
Happy spring!