First day in Los Angeles.

Shirt: Asos / Jeans: Urban Outfitters / Cut-out boots: Topshop / Beanie: Urban Outfitters / Purse: Celine Luggage
How would I describe the first day in LA? Oasis.
We got in last night and instantly went for a walk outside and breathed in the tropical air, wandered around gas stations and settled on a pint of ice cream from Ralph’s.
Today we started our day off at 7AM thanks to jet lag, but it was actually quite nice because we got a lot of things done within the day. We walked to Whole Foods for grocery shopping and grabbed breakfast (…and chocolate) while we were there. From then on, we got lucky enough to be able to have access to a car to drive to West Hollywood and Beverly Hills, which is where we mostly spent the day. Everyone in LA uses this “cold” weather to their advantage and breaks out cute winter coats, whereas I whip out my t-shirts ;)
We had dinner at Katsuya on Hollywood and Vine (Hillary Duff song memories, anyone?) and then drove back home.
Unfortunately we didn’t get insanely lucky with the weather, but that’s not going to stop me from having an amazing time.
See you in 90210 tomorrow.