Santa Monica.

Dress: Vintage (found at Buffalo Exchange) / Necklace: H&M
Thankfully the last day in California was also the hottest day, so it only made sense to dedicate our time to the beach.
We started with a beautiful brunch at the well-known Ivy Restaurant, which is not a place I would usually gravitate towards because of it’s colorful elegance and far-from-flashy exterior, but my goodness it was magical. Maybe I love it so much because I’ve been craving french toast for two months ;)
Santa Monica is such an amazing place to spend the day, especially if you’re a couple (you’d fit right in with all the people making out). The whole time we were watching a couple rehearsing dramatic and romantic lines for a movie, it was quite the entertainment.
We walked around Third Street Promenade again and decided to drive back to Beverly Hills, where I made a very exciting purchase I’ll share soon!
Thank you California, you were just what I needed and absolutely perfect in every way.
To everyone dreaming of taking a trip to Los Angeles: set your mind to it, and then just go for it!