White tees & florals.

This week has been a whirlpool of memories and dreams come true.
Monday morning I had a meeting with an international agency and then ran over to Toronto Fashion Week right after to attend the DHL Fashion Industry panel.  It was incredibly interesting to listen to industry professionals discuss the business side of fashion- something I am very interested in. A few days later I worked two modelling jobs in the same day, waking up at 4AM. People asked me if I was exhausted or tired all day. My answer: no way. I dream of a life where I can do what I love and meet new people all day. It was perfect in every way, or maybe I say that because I got to visit the Ritz-Carlton and the Trump in the same day. I’m one of those people that walks around beautiful stores or hotels with their jaw dropped haha. I got some good news yesterday: I’ll be shooting all weekend with different photographers and I have a fitting on Monday!
Also, looking at the weather forecast and seeing slow but steady increases is making me very optimistic. See you soon my beloved bicycle ;)

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