She wore blue velvet.

Leather jacket: K-Styleme / Blouse: Free People / Black Jeans: Hudson Jeans / Velvet Boots: Anna Xi / Necklace: Forever 21 / Purse: Celine

I used to never be a leather jacket kind-of girl. I thought they were far too rough looking for someone that typically prefers pastels over dark shades, and silks over leather. Well, I was wrong. This leather jacket has not come off of me since I got it, and I was actually approached and asked to work for a major fashion retailer while I was wearing it. The magical leather jacket, ladies and gentlemen!

For a mild spring day I paired it with my favourite ultra-soft blouse from Free People, everyday jeans, and my new velvet booties that are striking and so beautiful. In all actuality this outfit was worn to IKEA, and it wasn’t so easy manoeuvring 50kg of furniture in these heels, but that’s cool, don’t worry, I got it all under control ;)