The pyjama jeans.

Coat: ZARA / Plaid Shirt: ROMWE / Jeans: Fidelity “Soho Ace” / Boots: Topshop Premium / Purse: Celine Luggage / Mirror Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Aviators
I used to be one of those: “leggings only” high-school girls. I thought jeans were the devil’s greatest form of evil. Thankfully as I got more experience with styling clothes, I began to realize leggings actually didn’t look that great, or great at all. Even as an alternative to tights. Even if your butt is covered. They just look weird. I especially refuse to wear leggings to castings- where models are encouraged to pair them with high heels and tank tops (eek).
Enter: the pajama jeans. I swear to you the moment I touched these jeans I had a magical connection with them. Comfortable jeans are so rare to come by, and these Fidelity jeans master the art of comfort flawlessly. You know jeans are comfortable when you get home and you don’t whip them off first thing.
I wore this quite winter-esque looking outfit to get my locks chopped off, and now I can honestly say I am at least happy with my hair! It is better to have healthy and short hair than stringy long hair that is accompanied with hair extensions everyday. My impulse decision was also due to looking at myself one day and being like, “wtf, I looked like this two years ago!”
Change is good :)
Adios for now, you won’t be seeing my face for some time thanks to the surgeon removing my wisdom teeth haha!