Royal blue in the U.K.

 Neon Cropped Sweater: Topshop / Striped Shorts: / Jewelled Sneakers: K-Styleme / Sunglasses: Miu Miu / Skull Necklace: LeiVanKash

It’s funny how I left the house today looking totally different than how I came home…
We started the day by driving to a mall in Marbella to buy my sister new crocs, but of course I had to hit up all the stores that tickled my fancy in the meantime. Several shopping bags later we drove to Gibraltar, which is a rock-type island that belongs to the United Kingdom at the very south of Spain. You have to go through passport control and everything, and everyone there had a british accent- pretty cool if you ask me!
I finally found these Miu Miu glasses that I’ve been searching for everywhere! I don’t think these glasses look “complimentary” on anyone- you just need to tell yourself “I freaking love these, hence I am going to rock them, hence I am going to look good and feel good!”Simple, simple.
After a “breakie smoothie” in Gibraltar, we drove all the way back to Marbella for dinner :)
Tomorrow I shall search for speedy wifi in the city to upload a video!
Peace out. Girl scout.