Spain trip

Cut-out shirt: Choies / Shorts: Vintage Levis / Shoes: Converse / Bag: Alexander Wang / Sunglasses: Ray-Ban
Hola from Spain!
I’m here with family from all over the world that I barely get to see, spending 10 or so days in a city close to Marbella, Spain. The beauty is surreal!
I was in Spain last June, and I fell in love with Barcelona like none other. Catch up on my compliments here.
Today we went to Malaga, which from my understanding at least, is a city populated mostly by Spanish residents opposed to tourists. It seems like the place to go if you want to see a pretty authentic Spanish city, opposed to a tourist destination. We checked out the Picasso museum today, and I must say it was pretty interesting! I especially liked his quotes, which I sneakily and illegally snapped a photo of today in the museum.
Hoping that the weather warms up and I can go swimming :)