Twice the denim.

Blue shirt: MANGO / Denim shorts: Vintage Levis (similar) / Sneakers: Converse / Purse: Alexander Wang
Pairing denim with denim can be tricky; it is either a horrendous mimmic of the 90’s or tastefully chic.
I think the key is definitely working with two different shades of blue, and if possible, different fabrics (aka denim look-alikes). Denim shirts are a must-have for me, I’m pretty sure I have them in three different shades of blue, and even that doesn’t feel like enough! This particular one is a new find for me from Spain, obviously, because so many amazing and dominant retailers originated from Spain! Zara, anyone?
Speaking of Spain, I got back home yesterday night and am still battling a rough battle with jet lag. Breakfast at 4am, dinner at 3pm. Something’s not right…
Hopefully I’ll be able to visit Spain again soon, and spend more time in one of my absolute favourite cities in the world, Barcelona.
Ciao mi amigos.