On the mountains of Amalfi.

Silk Wrap Dress: Wilfred (similar) / Sunglasses: Miu Miu  / Sandals: Forever 21 / Purse: Alexander Wang Kirsten
Truth be told, I’m actually supposed to be at my high school graduation ceremony right now- but due to a last minute change of plans, I’m wearing my grad dress in Amalfi, Italy! Not complaining, like, at all. Within a short few hours of being here I was flooded with a sea of questions. How are there trees growing on rocky mountains? How cool must it be too live on top of a cave? Why are the lemons so big?
Amalfi is definitely an incredible coast to visit, although honestly I can’t wait to spend a day in Rome- one of my favourite cities I’ve ever visited. I’m a city girl, all the way. Even California couldn’t do it for me.
In other news, I didn’t have the brains to plan my outfits prior to the trip, so I have 17kg worth of clothing in my luggage, which only means lots and lots of blog posts!