Reflective cyan.

Top: / Sweater: Brandy Melville (similar) / Shorts: Levis vintage / Sandals: Forever 21 / Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Aviators / Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs
When I bought this crop top/bandeau/it kind of looks like a shower cap, I had NO idea how to wear it. It was on sale at for something like $8, and I knew I had to make it work somehow.
Ta da!
I love pieces like this; I mean sure you won’t wear it everyday, but when you do wear it you feel daring and confident in yourself. Thank you to the sizzling Italian sun for permitting this outfit choice, and also thank you for allowing such amazing strawberries to grow! Seriously- Italian strawberries are to die for!
Now that I’m back to the metropolitan city of Toronto now, I’ll be ditching the belly tops and diving straight for the silk tanks. That is, after I can ditch the jet lag and get out of bed ;)