Down behind the old school.

              Chanel Sweatshirt: Choies / Striped shorts: Choies / Glitter Sneakers: / Bangle: Hermes 
There truly isn’t much I miss about my past or feel sentimental about.
The only exception really is middle school. I feel like while most people have an amazing four years of high school filled with friends, wandering the streets at night, sleepovers, jokes, tears, and emotions you’ll remember forever- I had all of that condensed into one year in middle school.
Today I decided to go on a walk “down behind the old school” and play on the school playground. I realized that while I’m still able to hang upside-down on the monkeybars and climb up the slide, it’s a hell of a lot harder being fully grown. They’re not kidding when they say “this playground was designed for children aged 5-12.” But hey, I loved every second of it.
It’s still fun to play on the playground. I swear. Try it.