Sequin snowflakes in july.

Sequin denim shorts: Runway Bandits / White T-Shirt: Wilfred / White Cardigan: Runway Bandits / Blue Reflective Aviators: Ray-Ban / 5 Zip Nude Purse: Rebecca Minkoff / Classic Flats: Chanel / Gold Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs

For as long as I can remember I’ve always said: “I love snow, but I hate the cold that comes along with it. Why can’t it ‘snow’ in the summer?”
Well, to my joyous surprise, I realized that when pollen flies around in the early summer, it pretty much looks exactly like snow! Sucks to be allergic..
I bring this up because these amazing sequin shorts resemble falling snowflakes, except of course you’d only be able to wear them when it’s blazing hot outside (like it is right now, the weather network claims it “feels like +46 Celsius” every day). I love pieces like this because you basically have to structure your entire outfit around one key piece, which makes styling more fool-proof for me. I’m a big fan of white too, in case you can’t tell, so I tend to just pair everything with white.
On that note, I got my teeth whitened today, which burned my gums to the bone. My dentist also told me not to consume any “staining foods”, to which I replied, “You don’t mean… cherries… do you?”. “No, definitely no cherries!”