Where are your pants?

Unicorn T-Shirt Dress: ROMWE (similar) / Sneakers: Converse / Fedora: Guess / Purse: Alexander Wang
Did you forget your pants at home? Why aren’t you wearing pants? Where are your pants?!
Are those not the only comments you see from people when bloggers wear t-shirts as dresses?
They are.
It’s quite awesome that long shirts can be worn as dresses now-a-days. You feel half naked, but you get the comfort of being half naked.
This majestic t-shirt, err, I mean dress was absolutely perfect for attending a fairy themed Zumba party on my last night in Orlando. I swear I did not even know the theme of the party was fairies, but when I walked in, it was like destiny.
I’m just a majestic every day guys, really, it’s nbd ;)
Fortunately yet unfortunately, my battle with the beautiful yet extremely humid city of Orlando is over, and I’m flying back to Toronto later today. See you back in TO!