New York Fashion Week: Day One

Floral dress: Lucca Couture / Combat boots: Maje / Bag: Celine / Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Clubmaster / Braclets: Asos, Topshop, Hermes / Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Hello Hello!
This year I decided to embark on a journey that I’ve only dreamt about, up until this point. I bought an airplane ticket, RSVP’d to invitations, booked a hotel room, and started planning my outfits. I’ve been following Fashion Week for years now, and every year I tweet something a long the lines of “Everyone is at fashion week and I’m just in bed being irrelevant”. Now that I’m here, there’s not a moment I have that isn’t filled with gratitude. I seriously walk down the streets of NYC and smile. Maybe I’m cheesy, or maybe I’m quite literally in love with this city.
On the first day, I had the absolute best time meeting with bloggers from around the world. Come to think of it, one of the best parts of this trip has been the possibility of meeting other like-minded people. I met Liza, a russian beauty blogger, and we spent the afternoon window shopping, filming fun little videos for YouTube, and of course, what kind of tourist would I be if I wasn’t taken to Times Square? ;)
When night rolled around I met with Sofie Eliseeva, one of my favourite Russian fashion bloggers. We spent some time in TriBeCa, drinking “French toast”, which seriously- if you run across a cocktail that shamelessly shares it’s name with a breakfast, run away.
For my first day, I decided to wear a Saint Laurent ad inspired outfit that I was instantly drawn to when I was scrolling through the September issue of Vogue. Floral print dress, fishnet tights, combat boots, and you’re good. It’s the perfect mix of innocence and grunge, and I am 100% committed to this beautiful lovechild of styles.
See you tomorrow for more Fashion Week craziness!