Miami beach.

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Cami: Mason by Michelle Mason / Silky shorts: H&M Trend (similar) / Straw fedora: Guess

Just a few short weeks ago I was wearing shorts outside- do you know how strange of an idea this is? Shorts. January. Winter. Miami. Crystal clear water. Was I in a dream?
Miami was definitely a surprise for me. I had no idea what I was getting myself into- and in all honestly I expected to kind of hate it because I assumed it was a place of clubs and guidos. The best way I can describe it is “Cosmopolitan paradise”.  The skyline is gorgeous, the nature is beaming with liveliness, and the fresh fruit is perfectly ripe and local. What’s more is the ocean. I can’t tell you the overwhelming feeling of love I got when I biked over to the beach and sat there, watching a pastel sunset turn to darkness before my eyes. I’ve seen a few beaches in my lifetime- but none like the one in Miami.

Basically, if you have doubts about Miami, I would recommend visiting and staying somewhere in the centre, as transportation there sucks and distances are too vast to be taking taxis everywhere. This isn’t Manhattan people. (Speaking of Manhattan- one week- eeee!) I stayed in Downtown Miami and loved the bike ride to Miami Beach everyday. I also visited the fontainebleau hotel (which you’re not really allowed to just go into and hang out but I kinda just did), and I really recommend it if you have extra, like really really extra cash lying around.

All in all, even if you have to live like a nomad, you have to see Miami at least once. I don’t love a lot of cities but I loved this one for all that it was.

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