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Coat: ZARA (similar) / Jeans: American Apparel / Sneakers: New Balance / Hat: ZARA / Bag: Celine (similar)

On my third day of NYFW, on my way to the Custo show, I opted for something a little more simple and comfortable given that walking around NYC is probably in my top 10 hobbies list. New Balance, thank you for making such good looking shoes that don’t resurface the skin of my feet to bare flesh (I’m looking at you, Balenciaga). Fun observation however- since this outfit is much less outrageous, colourful and perhaps less daring than the others I wore- the photographers outside the Lincoln Centre did not approach me as much. I had like a maximum of 2 photos taken that day. In fact, I had to ask a construction worker on the street to snap these pictures. So photo credit to the construction worker on Broadway, and less learned about being comfortable: don’t do it.