Fresh off the runway.

phobjbbto (3) photo 1 (3)There’s nothing better than one of your favourite designers coming out with a collection that confirms laziness is actually quite chic.
You didn’t have time to dress yourself so you just put on an old cardigan? Fabulous! Your makeup is pretty much non-existent? Perfect! Love love love, and my apologizes in advance if all I wear this Spring is this collection. You’ve been warned.

Back in September, when Wang presented his collection, I fell in love with the (lack of) makeup on all the models. It almost appeared like there were no makeup artists or hair stylists involved backstage. Personally, from my experience modelling, my favourite makeup artists are the ones that don’t use any makeup or heat-style (ahem, damage) my hair. Sounds ironic, but you’d be surprised how many makeup artists see my lips and go “Oooh! So big! So much to work with! Let’s use my bright fuchsia lipstick from 1992!” – despite the fact that I look like a drag queen. I think the job of makeup should be to enhance natural beauty, and hence I was inspired to re-create this look!

Step one: Fill in brows ever-so-slightly.
Big brows can help make your eyes look more expressive and awake if you’re not using any mascara or eyeliner.
What I’m using: Too Faced Brow Envy Shaping & Defining 5

Step two: Airbrush!
If you’re going to make the whole no-makeup-thing look good, I say you should at least have good, even skin! My Temptu airbrush system was perfect for this look because it created a phenomenal finish, and required less hassle than trying to blend in a liquid foundation. New obsession? I think so.
What I’m using: TEMPTU AIRpod foundation in sand 04.

Step three: Contour.
I wasn’t blessed with crazy cheekbones, but thankfully I was blessed with the knowledge of contouring. I airbrushed the bronzer just under my cheekbones whilst doing a fish face, as this makes it easier to find your cheekbones. Contouring helps make the face look less two dimensional and makes your features stronger and more eye-catching.
What I’m using: TEMPTU AIRpod bronzer.
Step four: Blush.
Applying just the smallest hint of rosy blush makes the skin look healthier and radiant. Don’t go overboard though- literally, just the smallest hint is all it takes.
What I’m using: TEMPTU blush in pale pink. 1

Step five: Powder your T-zone if your skin is on the oiler side of life.
What I’m using: Mac mineralize skinfinish natural in medium plus.
photo 12

Step six: Use a rosey/mauve lipstick or preferably, stain.
What I’m using: Too Faced La Creme in Spice, spice baby.
photo 2

I’m definitely loving wearing minimal eye makeup, and focusing more on flawless skin and bold brows. It’s probably a 2010’s thing. In 30 years it may look just as ridiculous as the lipliner trend in the 80’s. But I’m strangely cool with that. Do you Temptu? You can click here to check out the Temptu Starter Kit.
Would you try this look out? Have you already? Do you just never wear makeup and walk around like a Alexander Wang model 24/7? Let’s get girly here- tell me about your favourite makeup look!

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