London Fashion Week.

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Full outfit: Topshop / Clutch: Olympia Le Tan

My first time at London Fashion Week couldn’t have been any better. I got front row at the Topshop UNIQUE show, which is still getting nothing short of amazing reviews. It was the perfect mix of modernity, high-end fashion, but effortless wearability all at the same time. The emerald puffer jacket was my absolute favourite, and that’s coming from a despiser of puffer jackets. That one was golden.

I spent the day before the show at the Oxford Circus flagship store picking a look, and simultaneously dying over the fact that they have a cafe, piercing, tattoo, nail, and hair salon all in the shop. Tired of shopping? No problem, come get a tattoo! Like okay, casual shopping situation. What’s more exciting is the fact that I’m actually coming back to London tomorrow, because I always feel like I have some unfinished business in the city and I’ve never really wandered around because both of the times have been business trips. I’ll be visiting some agencies, seeing some friends, and getting away from the -20 degree weather. So hallelujah.

First photo by Alan Parker | Second photo by Dvora of Vogue UK