New York Fashion Week: Day One.

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Furry Jacket: H&M Trend / T-shirt: Maje / Ripped jeans: Miamasvin / Boots: Balenciaga / Bag: Alexander Wang / Hat: ZARA

At last. I’m back in my favourite city in the world during the busiest and most beautiful time of the year.
Within the first couple of hours after arriving from a snowstorm ridden Toronto (my flight was cancelled amongst a 3 hour delay), I already couldn’t help but wander around at night, going from one 24/7 shop to the other. Granted I was buying necessities, but I was bombarded with freedom and magnetic energy of the city nonetheless.
I’ve actually never been to NYC during the winter season, and with my deep-seated despisal of winter, I thought I would fall out of love with the city. EEEH- wrong. It’s just as magical, just as bustling with energy, and just as historically charming.

My first show of the season was BCBGMAXAZRIA, and I seriously fell in a deep infatuation with the huge fur coats. It’s quite fun to watch a FW show while it’s actually still cold out because you get so excited for these cute coats and capes and boots… and then it’s like “oh wait I have to wait another half a year for this to be in stores”.

Can’t wait until tomorrow’s shows and catch-ups with good friends.

Photos by Evelina.