Red stripes.

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Red stipe turtleneck: Free People / Suede skirt: American Apparel / Boots: ZARA / Bag: Celine (similar)/ Necklace: Free People

So, I do this thing where I buy something because it would look so good with my current outfit- which leads to a smooth outfit change mid-day. Twas exactly what happened yesterday after finding a Free People boutique on my way to meet with my dear friend Carly. I didn’t have any shows to go to- so I visited by friends at Bollare PR, got a fabulous Brunello Cucinelli piece that I’ll show you tomorrow, and a green juice. No kidding though, everyone at Fashion Week is on the juice cleanse grind. I on the other hand, found this flipping amazing raw “juice” called PB+J- which consists of peanuts and liquid berry jam. Screw yo kale drank.

I’ll have half of my day free tomorrow, and I’m curious- what’s one place you would kill to visit in NYC? Suggestions and recommendations greatly appreciated!

Photos by Carly Cristman.