My everyday makeup.

So you’ve asked and you’ve asked, and I decided to give!
I’m certainly no makeup artist but I receive so many comments and questions about my makeup on a daily basis so I thought I would share some insight(?) and details about my daily routine using the TEMPTU airbrush system that I must keep within reach especially when travelling. I thought I would also kill two birds with one stone and record a video for you guys, since I know I have a lot of English-speaking friends who would appreciate a non-Russian video for once! Read on.. go on.. 

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I’ve been obsessed with TEMPTU ever since I tried it this winter, and popped into their shop in NYC. I mean, it’s never taken me 5 minutes to have a flawless face without sitting there for hours juggling different products and brushes, you feel me?
You can find TEMPTU makeup here on their online shop.
Let me know if you’ve ever tried airbrush makeup or had it done on you for an event, and your experience overall with makeup. Do you wear it at all?

Я использую TEMPTU с этой зимы, и серьезно… мне понадобилось 5 минут чтобы иметь безупречное лицо без необходимости сидеть в течение нескольких часов жонглировать различные продукты и кисти. 
Вы можете найти TEMPTU макияж здесь, на интернет-магазине (мой цвет в основе 004, и бронзатор warm glow).
Дайте мне знать, если вы когда-нибудь использовали аэрограф косметику, и ваш опыт в целом с макияжем. Вы носите его вообще?